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How to use Google Photos to save unlimited photos for free

Friday - 27/12/2019 00:00
Google Photos is a free application for managing, storing, editing, and sharing photos using a shared Google account for other services such as Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, etc. Each account is limited to 15GB charge to store photos at Google Photos, you can follow the way to share this article for unlimited storage
You can save photos and videos to the Google cloud without wasting space on your mobile phone or computer. The benefits of using Google Photos are many, so they are selected by a large number of users, easily shared with other recipients, the photo and video editor automatically or not inferior to other professional software.

To use unlimited storage from Google Photos cloud storage, you can follow the following customizations (here I use Vietnamese language, if English, you follow the same):

Method 1: For you using a computer (laptop or PC)

You access the home page at: https://photos.google.com , if you are not already logged into your Google account, you must login, then hover over the 3 dashes icon in the corner Left screen main (Main Menu) as follows:
google photos

A list of items appears, select the Settings wheel icon as shown below
google photos 1

In Settings, the default upload size for photos and videos is Original - 15GB (Full resolution counts against your limit) , you choose High quality - unlimited free storage (Quality stunning images with reduced file size) as shown below
if you have conditions better off financially can choose to Buy 100GB for $ 45k / month to use
google photos 2

So after selecting the high quality for photos and videos uploaded as above, the system will notify you that the changes have been saved and you can use unlimited storage space in Google Photos already.

Method 2: For you using a smartphone (Android or IOS operating system) , I am using Vietnamese language, if your phone is in English or other language mode, you can transfer to

First, go to the Google Photos app and select the 3 dashes icon on the left corner of the screen (next to your photo search) as follows. Next select on Settings (cog wheel icon)
google photos 3

Continue to select Backup and Sync (the function to upload, search, organize, edit and share your photos from any device), then select the following button to turn it on.
google photos 4

And right here is the result: the green button is turning on the backup and synchronization function, including the following information such as: the backup account is the email address you are using, you can select the folder on your device. equipment
Information is valued at just below upload Size section, select high quality (free memory unlimited)
google photos 5

Good luck

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